What DIPS Offers

Planting a Straight DIPS Inner Planter


DIPS come as a perfect landscaping solution for every gardening enthusiast, whether professional or a beginner. TLT offers DIPS as a Do It Yourself gift product to all those who are passionate about gardening but cannot afford to bend or sit down digging the garden soil for long. With DIPS, you can now beautify your garden the way you dreamt it to be.

DIPS is available in two forms, the rounded 12-inch planters, and the rectangular 6x25 inches planters. You can buy any of the two variants of this Drop In Planting System Lines that meets your requirements. You will be provided with some extra inner planters to experience an uninterrupted, seamless movement of your plants. These additional inner planters enable you to pre-fill them for quick switching with the older plants.

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