About us

After hours of being on his hands and knees while being attacked by mosquitoes, pulling weeds that found their way through the torn barrier cloth, the creator of Total Landscape Technology LLC decided there must be a better way! Scott was also inspired to garden after time spent with his father-in-law. Learning the many satisfactions of not only having a well kept yard, but all the benefits of gardening. Even though he could not devote to much time to landscape, he soon understood why this was such a popular trend. What better way to show pride in where you reside! After his father-in-law became less mobile, he noticed the beloved gardens he always planted became a memory instead of a staple. With this combination of setbacks Scott came up with DIPS and installed the first generation! He was then able to bring the pre-planted flowers to "Grandpa's Garden"! Also installing the DIPS in his own landscape, Scott soon verified the many attributes of this system, and what took hours the year before, now took literally minutes!  


Scott Meyer, President Total Landscape Technology LLC


  • *Patent Pending U.S. Patent Application 14/837,467 and U.S. Patent Application 15/342,066.