Why Indoor Gardening?

Other than having one more thing to do around the house or because they look nice, why do people keep bringing plants indoors?  The caveman first brought plants into their dwellings for practical uses of nutrition and medicine.  Then came civilizations that had the leisure time to use indoor gardening for decoration.  It is now in recent times that we have started to realize the alternative benefits of keeping living gardens indoors.  For instance, a live indoor plant acts as a natural filter and purifier that removes air pollutants linked to cause respiratory issues, eye irritation as well as headaches.   From a mental health aspect, there have been many studies done on the positive benefits of to tending to live plants as part of your home.   When you dedicate yourself to the well-being of having healthy indoor plants and responding to their needs, subliminally you are increasing levels of compassion, empathy and awareness that carry over into your day to day interactions as well as productivity!  It has also been found that plants in an indoor working environment are conducive to attention and vigor by naturally stimulating the instinct to react to the association of outdoor fresh air provided by the plants!  So not only can your indoor gardening give you something fun to talk about with your neighbors or give you a reason to join a new gardening club, but now you can also count on your green family members to help keep the balance in your otherwise busy lifestyle that we have all grown accustomed to.