When the Snow melts will your plants be ready to Drop In?

Now is the time to pre-plant for the spring.  Get your Inner Planters planted and ready to drop in come warmer weather.  One of the benefits of having DIPS is that you can prepare your Inner Planters NOW indoors on a table and keep the plants inside until you are ready.  As soon as the cold weather is gone (Which doesn't matter anyway because you can bring them back inside if you get a cold snap) go out and Drop In your Inner Planters! Also Planting on a table will be great for those with back pain or cannot get down and dig in the dirt.

If you already have DIPS or are thinking of getting some, check out these tips:

Instruction Tips:

Dig a hole an inch wider then the Outer Planter to install and deep enough so it is level with the ground. 

To keep the Outer Planter even more secure, after you back fill over the stay secure tabs, tap the soil with a block of wood!

You also may choose different material for the back fill in the hole depending on your required drainage.  Use a fine stone for more drainage or a dense soil for more water retention.

If you are using the weed barrier with the lock down top, start with one push pin and work your way around for the top to lock in place on it own!