Protecting your garden from mice, moles and voles!

After you’ve spent the time and investment of adding something new to your garden only to find the plants limped over and dead because the roots were Root damage from moles voles micemade a meal by your local rodents you are not alone. As you know mother nature is not always an ally to the longevity of your plants especially when it comes to rodents like mice, moles and voles.  If you’ve experienced this then you know that the local pests will find something they like in your garden and destroy all of them.  There are a few choices for defense, natural eradication is always the best, no one likes poisoning their yard!  For natural choices you could capture and remove them using traps, ward them off with wired fences or spread repellents around until they are gone.  One new way that will deter the fury pests from turning your flower beds into a meal would be using our DIPS Drop In Planting System!  By planting in our Inner Planters, Inner Planter Bottom with holes for proper drainage and secondary rootsthe roots would be protected from the underground tunnels voles create when they burrow to attack from below.  DIPS Inner Planters are made from durable thick BPA Free plastic so not only are they safe to grow herbs or vegetables in, they will last a long time and it will give your plants this added protection.  This would give you the upper hand in repellent because the voles would need to go up and over the edge of the planters then back down, which by habit they would rather stay under cover.  They could also try and eat through the plastic but rodents in nature would tend to move on to an easier meal.  So, try out DIPS and not only get the one and only Drop In Planting System but get the added protection for your plants!  Shop now at and have yours for this spring. 

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Noel Corriveau VP Total Landscape Technology