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-Plant with Ease & in Comfort

-Save Time & Money

-Better Results with Less Work

-No Digging After Installation

-Protect Roots from Rodents

-Grow Anywhere

-Contain Invasive Plants like Mint

-Endless Designs

-User Friendly

-10 Times Less Water

-Absolute Must for Near Foundation Plants

-Made with BPA Free Plastic RoHS Compliant

And more....

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DIPS By Total Landscape Technology

"There's a way to do it better-find it." - Thomas Edison

Have a beautiful natural looking garden with no more digging after installation. DIPS is exclusively sold and manufactured by our company Total Landscape Technology for use in Residential or Commercial flower beds & gardens.  DIPS make it easy for you to manage your plants, ensure fast removal, replacement and transplant of our in ground Inner Planters at your home, office or anywhere. With DIPS, you can save time, money and your effort that would otherwise have been spent digging or replacing your plants. Now you don’t need to look for supplies to transplant new plants in your garden. DIPS makes it convenient for you to transport your plants from one place to another. Hence you can now enjoy beautifying your garden or changing the look in a hassle-free way. Relish changing the landscape around you whenever you want with DIPS!



  • Outer Planter

    DIPS- Is comprised of three main components and locking push pins. One of the most important components has to be the outer planter. The Outer Planter becomes the skeleton structure of the whole system. Please see install instructions to understand why the Outer Planter is such an important part of the DIPS.

  • Inner Planter

    The Inner Planter gives DIPS the real in ground natural look to any garden, at the same time can be easily removed and swapped out with-in seconds. This unique feature is what makes DIPS the ideal planting solution for all vegetable and flower garden needs. Imagine with DIPS in your yards design, your plants can now be swapped out, moved anywhere in seconds, even bring them indoors or as a gift to others who have DIPS!

  • Lock Down Top

    The Lock Down Top helps the average home owner and garden enthusiast become a pro with ease! Once the Outer Planter is in place, landscaping cloth or weed barrier is rolled out over the installed Outer Planters then cut out in a X patern over the Outer Planter and the Lock Down Top is now locked onto the Outer Planter to ensure a nice tight weed free design! You can now maintain that professional garden look for years with minimum effort. 

  • Push Pins

    The easy to use Push Pins are used with the customer in mind. The pre-drilled holes in both the Lock Down Top and the Outer Planter will line up seamlessly to allow the Pins to be easily pushed or tapped in to ensure the weed barrier and DIPS stay in place. This system along with ease of use is set up with the novice gardener in mind, but with results in par with the Pros!

Would you like DIPS installed for you?

We are in the process of setting up preferred installers in your area.  Please contact us by email or phone if you have a landscaper and would like them to install it for you.  If you do not have landscaper contact us and we will find one for you. Contact us!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you install it?

Installing the DIPs system is quite easy. You can swiftly install the DIPS in your garden in 6 quick steps.

Step 1: Dig out an appropriate hole in your garden to accommodate the outer planter.

Step 2:  Fold the tabs of the outer planter outwards, and place it within the hole keeping the lip of the planter level slightly above the ground. Backfill the soil around the planter and inside the container to fix it in its place.

*Step 3: Place your garden fabric or the weed barrier on the ground, and cut an edge-to-edge “X” shape over the planters to expose the planter opening.

*Step 4: Put the lock-down lid over the outer planter and fix it using the push pins. 

Step 5: Set up the inner planter by putting your desired plant in it.

Step 6: Place the Inner Planter with the plant inside the outer planter, and cover the surface with mulch and soil to give it a natural look.

Repeat the same steps for all your plants, and you will get your garden ready within a short time.

*Step 3 and 4 are optional. If you do not prefer using a garden fabric, skip these steps and move to the Step 5.

How Do I Winterize?

Trim Down Plants. Cover with mulch.  Having extra Inner Planters Makes it easier to plant in the spring!

How does it remain fixed in the ground?

The outer planter of the DIPS has patented tabs that fold outwards. These tabs get locked with the soil when placed in the ground. Hence they remain fixed. Some DIPS models have stacks for this purpose.

How can I replace a plant?

Just pull out the inner planter by holding its tabs, and place another planter containing some other plant in its place. Or you can take it to your workstation to replant it.

How do I water my garden?

Less than regular. The DIPS system assures conserving the water through the Multi Holed Inner Planters, letting the excess water run down the garden soil. Hence you can under-water your garden without fearing that your garden will dry out.